Guinjata Resort Location

Situated on Africa’s East Coast, Mozambique is a country of endless pristine palm-fringed beaches and superb, largely untouched dive sites. The exotic Portuguese-influenced culture and warm, friendly people make for a heady mix of culture experiences, not to mention undiscovered natural wonders just waiting for your visit.

Before 1975, Mozambique was a hugely popular tourism destination for Southern Africa and International visitors. A seventeen year long civil war then broke out, which finally came to an end in 1992, with the first democratic elections held in 1994. The people of Mozambique are now hard at work rebuilding their beautiful country. Their passion is evident in every greeting smile.

Getting There..
Guinjata Resort is approximately 550km north of Maputo and 25km south of Inhambane on the coast (GPS : 24 04′ 402′ South, 035 29′ 726′ East). The road leading to the resort is a dirt road and only accessible with a 2×4 with difflock or 4×4 vehicle. Transfers from Inhambane can be arranged for people with Sedan vehicles, busses, kombi’s etc. A 25km transfer from the airport to Guinjata will take you through the heart of the coconut plantations.